A YOP Post Week 21



At least *I think* we are starting week 21..


So I was laid off of work on the 11th and that explains why I wasn’t up to posting last Sunday.  I also didn’t much feel like knitting this week.  Or rather I did but I was busy resume writing, LinkedIN updating, applying for unemployment -on advice of several people who told me that job hiring tends to be on hold during holiday season, and applying for jobs as well.  I haven’t heard back at all from those.  Not even a thank you for applying auto response.

A thing about me is that I really like shopping when I am feeling a bit blue.  I don’t think this is particularly unusual although I realize it is not the best reaction to anything, negative or positive.  Still my inner magpie likes something new and shiny and pretty on a semi-regular basis and I have had an overwhelming desire for nail polish.  Other than yarn, cosmetics totally snag me in and just like yarn, I will never, ever get through all my nail polish or lipstick or perfume.

This weeks picture is more nail polish than knitting.  I finished the first sleeve and despite my gauge reading as being seriously off the finished sleeve matches schematic.  I am almost done with the second sleeve and I shot a picture of my nail polish which was kinda matched my little kitty cat stitch marker and my lopi yarn.  I will not be finishing this sweater this month as I had hoped but que sera, sera.


Glitter Daze Chemise A La Reign polish, what I recall being my first fancy stitch marker, and Lopi in progress

Glitter Daze Chemise A La Reign polish, what I recall being my first fancy stitch marker, and Lopi in progress


Okay so its a little thing that made me smile this week.  Wishing  you all

yarny days and knitterly evenings~ Elka

YOP Week 18



Last week I knit a pair of socks for my husband.  Unfortunately I misread how long the foot is to be, I keep such notes on Ravelry, and did 7″ from back of heel instead of 7″ from end of heel shaping.  Socks are now for Tyler who has scored 3 pairs of socks since YOP goals were assembled.  This pair, and the last pair, are to be Christmas gifts.

This August we went to MidAmericon in Kansas City and I purchased Tyler a piece of artwork from art show.  It was a relatively expensive gift and he was told to not expect anything for Christmas so the socks are all the unwrapping he will be doing this year.

So the yarn is an oldie from my stash.  There was a time, say 11  yrs ago or so, when I purchased several hanks of Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn and I am down to 3 hanks after this one called Moose Creek. For some reason it always looked like a brownish plum color but honestly it is a brown and my eyes were just drawn to the flashes of plum or burgundy in it.  Here is the hank wound up into a yarn cocoon:

Mountain Colors Bearfoot Moose Creek yarn cocoon.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot Moose Creek yarn cocoon.


See the plum and reddish tints?

Here is the finished sock, overexposed and unwashed.  You can see how the colors pooled but it isn’t nearly as obvious in the actual sock:

Finished sock

Finished sock


One nice thing about Bearfoot sock yarn is the mohair content which makes it super warm and cushy.  Usually whenever I wash a pair I reach inside and take out yarn pills.  Sometimes I let them gather for a while and it is extra padding on sole of foot.  For some reason it just pills inside the foot.  I have knit textured socks and the texture is basically lost after several washes.  But these have made my warmest and longest lasting socks.  I have  pair going back 8 years.  My Mad Color Weave socks.  I also have a couple of pairs even older than that but I don’t have them saved anywhere handy picture wise. Most were Michelle’s Basic Sock pattern.

Another awesome thing about this sock yarn is that it is slightly heavier than fingering weight.  I think it is the mohair again.  The yarn feels dense and plush and fills in any place that would normally have a gap such as the gusset area.  Here is a close up of heel and gusset to once again show color of socks {not overexposed}:

Sock heel and gusset

Feel free to click to embiggen 🙂

The pattern is A Classic Sock from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks book.  I purchased my copy when Zoe was a baby so about 21 yrs ago and it is falling apart at this point.

In a few days Wovember starts.  I have been anticipating Wovember for weeks.  I have cast on Strokkur and am hoping I don’t have the same tension woes that caused me to rip and reknit this sweater 3 times so far.  I have switched from my Trusty Grays {aka Aero needles} to bamboo ones hoping that will help.  I am also planning on measuring every 20 rows or so which is annoying but should end up with a finally FO.  It is expected to be in the mid-80’s on Tuesday, not the least bit Wovemberish at all, but such is St. Louis weather.  Winters here tend to be relatively warm and drizzly instead of snowy.  It makes me sad but home is where the heart is and I do heart my family.

yarny days and knitterly evenings



Knitting for Others

Disco Socka

Disco Socka

I really enjoy knitting for my beloved.  He is very appreciative of anything I make for him.  I have only knit him socks and mitts but he never complains about color or fiber choices.

I do worry, however, when knitting for others.  My children are persnickity, my sister doesn’t wear my hand knits and my mom tends tuck away the goods as too nice to wear.  Did I mention I saw her in Chicago when I went to see the big Greek Exhibit over holiday break?  She, my mom, was wearing Laminaria over her winter coat.  I knit that when the pattern came out–over the winter ’07/spring ’08 and gave it to her for Christmas ’08 so it was nice to see it in action.

So update.  Strokkur is idling.  It seems that in my hurry to have something super warm and toasty to wear over the winter I tightened up my gauge as I progressed with the knitting.  Yes I knit the sleeves first.  Yes I measured my washed and unwashed swatches.  I ripped and restarted the sweater with  larger needles and once again my knitting tightened up.  I am a bit frustrated by this turn of events.  Only once before have I had this happen to me–when knitting a throw for Berroco yarns in their Chinchilla yarn.  I think I tried to  knit that a dozen times before I called and said it just wasn’t going to work.

My proposed fix at the moment is to wait until it is sweltering outside and I will not be in any hurry whatsoever to wear it and then cast on again.

Meanwhile I was showing my fabulous elegant gauntlets to a co-worker and her eyes just lit up.  She exclaimed about how soft they were and pretty and warm.  I offered to knit her a pair of her very own for a flat rate that would kinda cover the cost of yarn.  I did this while another co-worker was in the office and she too would like a pair of ‘arm socks’  Very gratifying to this knitter’s heart that others are wanting gauntlets of their very own.

Once I faced the fact that this winter was to pass without my wearing Strokkur I was a bit down in the doldrums and it took a while to find my knitting mojo & suitable yarns in my stash.  For the first co-worker I am having a hard time finding a yarn with the similar feel, color etc as my prism mia but the second said she liked pink and most importantly I believe, easy care.  I went through my stash and found several balls of the now discontinued Schoeller + Stahl Fortissimo Colori Disco Socka.  Wow what a mouthful.  I have actually knit several socks and hats and mitts out of this yarn and find it to be a true workhorse of a yarn.  It doesn’t pill, barely fades and I have yet to encounter a hole in any item knit out of it.  I have a pair of socks that are 8 yrs old at this point that still look brand new.  Anyway I decided that this yarn would be perfect for Kristen’s arm socks.  The finished babies are in the washing machine right now having the stitches evened out so a picture of the gauntlets in progress will have to suffice.  Above you have a close up of the yarn chosen that I sent to Kristen to make sure it wasn’t too pink or glitzy for her and below you see proof that despite being knit smaller than mine they still fit a human arm.  The wrist looks impossibly tiny on and off the needles… a heads up for anybody who looks at the gauntlets and thinks these will never fit.  They do. 🙂

Trying on impossibly tiny mitts to make sure they fit.

Trying on impossibly tiny mitts to make sure they fit.

yarny days and knitterly evenings~Elka