A YOP Post Week 21



At least *I think* we are starting week 21..


So I was laid off of work on the 11th and that explains why I wasn’t up to posting last Sunday.  I also didn’t much feel like knitting this week.  Or rather I did but I was busy resume writing, LinkedIN updating, applying for unemployment -on advice of several people who told me that job hiring tends to be on hold during holiday season, and applying for jobs as well.  I haven’t heard back at all from those.  Not even a thank you for applying auto response.

A thing about me is that I really like shopping when I am feeling a bit blue.  I don’t think this is particularly unusual although I realize it is not the best reaction to anything, negative or positive.  Still my inner magpie likes something new and shiny and pretty on a semi-regular basis and I have had an overwhelming desire for nail polish.  Other than yarn, cosmetics totally snag me in and just like yarn, I will never, ever get through all my nail polish or lipstick or perfume.

This weeks picture is more nail polish than knitting.  I finished the first sleeve and despite my gauge reading as being seriously off the finished sleeve matches schematic.  I am almost done with the second sleeve and I shot a picture of my nail polish which was kinda matched my little kitty cat stitch marker and my lopi yarn.  I will not be finishing this sweater this month as I had hoped but que sera, sera.


Glitter Daze Chemise A La Reign polish, what I recall being my first fancy stitch marker, and Lopi in progress

Glitter Daze Chemise A La Reign polish, what I recall being my first fancy stitch marker, and Lopi in progress


Okay so its a little thing that made me smile this week.  Wishing  you all

yarny days and knitterly evenings~ Elka

Gauntlets Done & Strokkur Choices

Elegant Gauntlets

Elegant Gauntlets


I finished weaving in the ends of my Elegant Gauntlets.  The yarn, Merino Mia by Prism, stretched out horridly when wet and I dried them in the machine to counteract this.  Even so my gloves are looser now than when I washed them.  This is what I get for not washing my swatch in advance. However, the entire hand portion, most notably the thumb, was longer than expected going by pictures and description.  I suppose this means I have particularly short digits.  They look to be a ‘casual’ length but were knit for the shorter 1″ post thumb opening for dressy version.  My thumb is practically eastern up by that lone inch:


poor missing thumb….


As I mentioned last time the colors are glorious and I believe they show up  much better in this post than last.  I enlisted my beloved husband into helping me take the pictures but the close up was taken under a light by myself in hopes of getting all the brown, blue, and purples in the smoke color way.



pretty colors


I am fairly certain that I will not rip out the thumb and tinker with it at all.  I figure a few washings and drying in the machine will work their magic and shorten my mitts a bit.

I am excitedly working on Stroker.  When I ordered the yarn I went with the called for gray for body and ash for 1st contrast color.  Ysolda knit this with a yellow for the 2nd contrast color and to be honest I don’t actually wear much yellow.  I do own a yellow bee scarf that I tie into my hair occasionally but other than that nothing primarily yellow in my wardrobe.  I am being drown to the gray/yellow combos I am seeing so may end up adding a bit of it here or there.  However I do own a Pendleton Wool skirt from way back when.  It has accents of pink and lilac which I tried matching via online color cards.  I did well with the pink and rose shades but the lilac is way off.  I would have preferred the lilac since pink is another underrepresented color although I do think it looks great with gray.  I have completed one sleeve so have quite a bit to go before making my final decision.


Strokkur Color Choices

yarny days and knitterly evenings to all