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I have been thinking about this for a bit.  I don’t want to get too far away from knitting but I am currently tinkering with my cooking which is another hobby of mine.  Notice how my hobbies tend to be domestic.  Anyway I LOVE to cook.

My mom was an excellent cook and studied nutrition thinking of having it as her major for a while.  She made everything from scratch.  Everything.  Bread, mayo, pasta, pasta sauces, spending hours on some meals.  A habit I picked up.

When I was a poor college student I read cookbooks for fun dreaming up meals I would make.  Vegetarian because when I was 14 I read Diet for a Small Planet and stopped eating meat.  My mom said I was horrible during those years.  She always had beans and rice in the house.  We are Brazilian after all. But I had to cook for myself.  I would throw tantrums and wash all utensils and pans if she cooked sausage or bacon before the eggs and then make my own eggs throwing some shade around in the process.

By the time I was 20 I worked at a Steakhouse, a diner really, and had given up my vegetarian ways but still cooked a vast majority of vegetarian meals for myself.  My mom, being from Brazil, land of cows, feels no meal is complete without meat, despite having lived in India when I was a baby and the amazing lack of meat eating in most of the area we resided. But even so my mainly vegetarian ways have finally convinced her I am just a vegetarian at heart.  Good news to get some parental validation!

Anyway, when I married, I purchased my first ever cookbook of standard american type of foods.  Cooks Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen type of compendium so that I could learn how to make a roast and meatloaf and stew etc to please my carnivorous husband.  When we separated I went back to my veggie cooking ways and only made meat stuffs for when the kids were with me and complaining about beans *again*

Nece, my youngest still will not eat vegetables or beans but my other two do enjoy a mom type of meal  and my husband will eat almost anything I put in front of him.  In our almost 10 years together I can only recall one meal where he said eh I would rather not have this meal repeated.  This general kitchen freedom, coupled with the recent news from Dr that my triglycerides are a bit on the high side,  is a lead into a more and more vegan kitchen.  Not too hard given I haven’t had a glass of milk in years nor do I reach for cheese or eggs often.  But my love of grilled foods, especially pigs in the form of ribs, has kept me from going whole hog, so to speak, until now. *

I am currently cooking my way through Isa’s Vegan with a Vengeance and trying hard to expand my repertoire.  Being a bean lover I don’t get too excited about the non meat proteins such as tofu or tempeh finding them bland.  Mind you I like soybeans cooked up into a stew but the soy products are a big meh. However I am having a difficult time getting my protein intake without the magical soybean protein concentrated products.  My in Isa We Trust mentality has been sorely tested by the thrown away tempeh and white bean sausage and nearly inedible scrambled tofu.  Okay the scrambled tofu wasn’t too bad but since she admonishes us to leave it in chunky crumbles the center of the chunkier crumbles were the bland flavorless dreck that characterizes tofu instead of the flavorful bits.

I plan on mentioning the flops and winners on my blog kinda as a post script to keep track of my progress.


*I am not a vegan nor do I believe I ever will be given the annual fish fry and said ribs, which I eat a few times a year, and the occasional pot of carnitas.  I certainly am not ever going to throw a fit at a restaurant or somebody’s  home.  I did Veganuary this year and there were a couple of days, when I was unexpectedly at work due to my replacement not showing, that I was stuck eating tater tots from local pub for diner.  Never again.


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