YOP Post Week 19



I am so glad I love knitting with the Lett Lopi because the bamboo didn’t work.  I started *again* and am knitting super slowly.  If this doesn’t work then I will just do maths. Did I say that about the bamboo? Anyway the yarn is starting to look icky on the cast on bit.  I doubt I will be able to use the first few yards for another cast on.  No picture this week.

I feel like this year has flown by incredibly quickly.  On Ravelry I am part of Stashdown, which follows the calendar year, and the fourth quarter has arrived too soon.  One thing we were asked on the encouragement thread for this quarter was to access our stashing habits. Perhaps because of the prompt I a feeling rather philosophical at the moment about my stash, my library, my time etc.  I suppose this is just a seasonal thing as well.  End of year is a good time to look back on the past year and make plans for the next.  I realize it is a bit early but not too early 🙂

Ah well.  Sorry for the lack of pictures and knitting news.  Really more in my head right now than on my needles!


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3 thoughts on “YOP Post Week 19

  1. I often get all philosophical about my stash. One one hand, I know (for me) having too much stash feels counterproductive (I’m overwhelmed, it’s hard to make a decision sometimes…), but on the other hand, I’m sure I make things I might not have otherwise (often times these items are gifts) because I have stash to dive into when the mood strikes. How to balance these two realities into having the right amount of stash remains a mystery to me. Going to go search out this Stashdown of which you speak.

  2. It’s never too early to plan for next year. I forgive you for the lack of photos. Does this mean next week we get double the pictures?

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